Beyond Van Gogh tells the story of one of the world's greatest artists 

Here are 10 lesser-know facts about Vincent Van Gogh


Vincent's brother Theo was his most frequent pen pal.

Vincent sent him over 600 letters throughout their correspondence.


Van Gogh tried his hand at many professions before becoming an artist, including:

- Missionary - Art Dealer - Teacher


Vincent wasn't the only artist in his family...

Dutch realist Anton Mauve was his cousin!


Van Gogh lived a very laid-back life, as he put all of his money into his artwork.

A limited budget meant he often survived on coffee, bread, and tobacco.


Vincent sold one painting during his lifetime - most of his paintings were sold posthumously by his sister-in-law, Johanna

The single painting he sold was "The Red Vineyard"


Vincent had a very short painting career compared to some other artists...

He was only producing artwork for 10 years before his death. 


Even though his career was cut short, Vincent produced an incredible body of work.

He produced over 900 paintings in 10 years, which works out to one completed painting every four days!


Vincent is known for his landscape paintings, but he also liked to paint self-portraits. 

This wasn't because he was obsessed with his own image, he just couldn't afford to pay models!


Vincent was a polyglot!

He knew how to speak multiple languages fluently, including:

- English - Dutch - French


Van Gogh grew up in a big family - he was one of seven siblings!